Order before Thursday at 11pm

Delivery on Friday between 12-4pm

Delivery straight to your doorstep.

If you already have a growler we will fill up a new one and replace the empty!

All the growlers and kegs will be purged with CO2 gas prior to the beer is poured to ensure the best quality.

We deliver within a 1 mile radius to the pub, but if you live along Lea Bridge Road we might be able to drop off beer to you on my way home to Wood Street E17

The Growler - £5 for first time buyers

The first time we deliver draft beer you must purchase this beautiful growler. But this will be yours forever and you can use it time, after time, after time again.

Next time we deliver you will just pay for the beer, and we will swop a full growler with an empty one.

These growlers holds 1.89ltr which is 3.3 pints, and they are made of thick amber glass with a screw cap. Top quality all the way from America.

They also come with The Kenton's iconic moose logo, and would look great as a flower vase in between being used for beer. 

Once you own a growler you will never look back, you can bring it to the pub post-lockdown and fill it up with take-away beer when you leave.


We also deliver ready made Negronis in either 225ml or 450ml vessels, and they are made with only the finest ingredients:

Classico: East London Liquor gin, Dolin Rouge, Campari

Rhubarb: Slingsby Rhubarb gin, Dolin Rouge, Campari

Blanco: East London Liquor gin, Dolin Blanc, Suze

Rosato: East London Liquor gin, Otto's Athens Vermouth, Campari

Strawberry: East London Liquor gin, Dolin Chamberryzette, Campari

You will also get garnish with your negroni.

All you need is a glass with ice cubes and a stirrer.


Bottle beers & cans, and wines

You can of course also order from our great range of bottles & canned beers & ciders, along with our wines.

Order for £30 or more from the bottle & wine categories and you will get a FREE Kenton tote bag



The full menu


Kona Big Wave 3.3 pints £17

Pillars Rebel Helles 3.3 pints £15

Beavertown Gammaray 3.3 pints £15


The Classic 225ml £14 / 450ml £28

Rhubarb 225ml £15 / 450ml £30

Blanco 225ml £15 / 450ml £30

Rosato £225ml £15 / 450ml £30


Les Gres Chardonay £11

Sauvignon Blanc Bellevigne £14


Finca Temranillo Organic £13

Carmenere Reserva £15

Nero D'Avola Beltramo Organic £16


Terra Serena £16


Astra Urtyp 330ml £3

Augustiner Helles 500ml £5

Lervig House Party 330ml £3

Lervig Lucky Jack 330ml £3

Lervig Lucky Jack Grapefruit 330ml £3.5

Mongozo Lager (gluten free) 330ml £3.5

Grains Of Paradise Pale Ale (gluten free) 330ml £4

Duvel 330ml £5.50

Delirium Tremens 330ml £6

Bon Kriek 375ml £5

Floris Framboose 330ml £3.50

Floris Kriek 330ml £3.50

Garage Locker Session Porter 400ml £7

White Hag The Puca 330ml £3.50

Kentish Pip Skylark Cider 330ml £4

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