Soo-o-ooey is the call for all little piggies to come and eat!


With a shared love for fun and flavour Niko and Tintin have worked together on perfecting the hug of the mouth that is the sandwich. Comfort and inclusivity are in the spotlight when they are tackling a universal beloved way of eating - the sandwich. With a sense of humour and shared love for cartoon aesthetics they have tried to imagine the sandwiches they never had before but really wanted to eat so come down and see what’s on the menu! 


Niko and Tintin met in the dumpling kitchen of My neighbours the dumplings a couple of years ago. Since then Niko has moved on to working in a bakery and Tintin is running her small business Swilipino. Joining forces in this new venture they are aiming for some serious comfort food and easy going vibes

Soo-o-ooey is served Tuesdays and Fridays - street food style



Only 3 bookable tables in beergarden